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Sometimes programs don’t have to include lots of colorful icons and confusing messages. OE-Mail Recovery is one such program. Instead of colors and tricks, this program’s interface includes a simple white background with grey drop-down menus. Menu selections are logical and easy to choose while navigating the program is effortless.


Due largely in part to the clean and uncluttered interface, using OE-Mail Recovery is painless. This program exists so that users can recover any damaged Outlook Express files and it works like a charm – simply follow the instructions after download and choose selections from the drop-down menus.

Main Function

If you are looking to back up your Outlook Express files, OE-Mail Recovery is a program that you must purchase. This program does exactly what it was meant to do (recover damaged files) and it accomplishes all tasks quickly without consuming a large number of system resources.

Extra Features

Users will enjoy the fact that OE-Mail Recovery can find and recover any deleted files – a big bonus. Other notable features include fixing and finding damaged Outlook Express folders and recovering any kind of damaged file. All of these tasks can be done without spending hours reviewing the program or attempting to find out how this program works.


If you don’t have an Outlook Express recovery program like this one, you won’t be able to fix or find any damaged or lost files. Therefore, the $27 price tag that comes with this program is both logical and cost-effective – not to mention well under other programs in its class!  

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Reviewed by Danny Mills
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